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Welcome to the No Fly Zone

Do you really have to be concerned about flies, mosquitoes and ticks? The answer is “yes.”

These pests can spread diseases that are debilitating or even life-threatening. These aren’t the kind of insects you want hanging around your horse or your barn. Ready to fight back? If you’re ready for the best way to protect your horse, your stable and yourself, read on.

Your key to victory in the flying pest battle is attacking on multiple levels. Using different products for specific scenarios will set you up for success. Fortunately, Farnam has your No Fly Zone solution with all the tools in place for creating a multi-zone approach:


Create an actual physical barrier to keep flies and pests off the horse’s face and ears.

The most effective way to keep them off the face is to block them completely. A good fly mask protects against dust, dirt and debris. Horses recovering from an eye injury will especially benefit from wearing a mask.

Use products that repel/kill flies and pests on the horse and in his environment.

Your horse’s personal environment will influence your choice of repellents and help determine whether a spray, spot-on or wipe-on is best. In some cases, a combination will be helpful.

Decrease the fly population in the barn and on the whole farm.

To complete the No Fly Zone, your horse should be on a feed-through fly control product such as SimpliFly from Farnam. The active ingredients work in the horse’s manure, not the horse’s body itself.

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