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  • Quitt

    First supplement guaranteed to stop horses from chewing wood in 7 days or less. Provides essential vitamins, minerals & fatty acids to eliminate urge to chew wood

  • Chew Stop

    Stops your horse from chewing and cribbing. Specially formulated to protect fences, corrals, stalls, mangers, gates, posts, trees, blankets and bandages.

  • Leather New Deep Conditioner & Restorer

    Contains a rich blend of high quality oils to deep condition, soften and preserve old, dry, hard leather and tack to its original flexibility and natural look.

  • Leather New Easy-Polishing Glycerine Saddle Soap

    Makes leather look like new by removing imbedded dirt & grime while replacing natural oils. Cleans, softens & shines saddles and more in one easy step.

  • Leather New Foam

    Leather soap cleans, conditions and shines in one easy step and leaves a long-lasting, high-gloss shine. Easy-to-use foam pump applicator won't drip or ru.n

  • No Chew

    Helps put an end to your horse's destructive chewing habits. Bitter taste helps control cribbing and chewing on wood and non-metal surfaces

  • Leather New Total Care

    Leather New Total Care 2 in 1 cleans and conditions leather simultaneously. No need to worry about darkening light leathers or stripping color from dark leather!