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Vita Plus

Balanced Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

For Vita Plus Balanced Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement:

Additional nutrition is crucial when a horse isn’t getting the correct amounts in his daily diet. Farnam Vita Plus Balanced Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is scientifically balanced to provide a strong nutritional foundation that helps support health and performance for horses of all ages and disciplines.

  • Helps support health and performance
  • Contains protein, vitamins and essential bioavailable minerals to help your horse look, feel and perform his best
  • Delivers optimal levels of water- and fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and amino acids to fill gaps in the diet
  • Helps support muscle tissue and protein breakdown during exercise
  • Contains antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium
  • Great daily multivitamin
  • Easy-to-feed PELLETS!
  • Available in 30-day and 60-day Supply
  • Supplements for every age and every stage. Check out Grow Colt Growth and Development Supplement or Mare Plus Gestation and Lactation Supplement

For Vita Plus Powder:

  • Great daily multivitamin
  • Helps keep horses in peak condition
  • Essential nutrients for all ages and breeds
  • Available in 3 lb., 7 lb. and 20 lb. sizes

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