Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength

Hoof and Connective Tissue Supplement
Built Strong from the Ground Up

Strong hooves, healthy tendons and ligaments are essential if you and your horse are going to accomplish your goals. Now you can feel confident you're providing vital, nutritional support for your horse's foundation with Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength Hoof and Connective Tissue Supplement. This formula is ideal for all horses, especially those that need more support than others due to a genetic predisposition, environmental or rigorous performance demands. When your horse needs extra support, trust the brand recommended by farriers and veterinarians.

  • Provides optimum nutrition for strong, healthy hooves, tendons and ligaments
  • Easy-to-feed nuggets that support proper digestion of nutrients for maximum benefits
  • Supports cracked hooves and weak hoof walls
  • Grows strong, tough flexible hooves
  • Supports hoof hardness, hydration and moisture retention
  • 25 mg of biotin per 2 oz. serving
  • Formulated by an equine PhD nutritionist and endorsed by farriers
  • Available in a 7.5 lb. 60-day supply in the Farnam Fresh Keeper Bucket and a handy 30-day 3.75 lb. refill size


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