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Synbiotic Powder and Paste 

We often don’t realize the stress everyday life puts on the horse’s digestive system. Training and competition, travel, medication and stabling are all potential sources of stress and may cause digestive upset. Farnam DigestAid Synbiotic is a unique blend of prebiotics and probiotics designed to help maintain immune and digestive health. Available in both powder and paste formulas, this supplement offers support for extended periods and during times of stress.

For DigestAid Synbiotic Paste

  • Appetizing paste offers the same beneficial digestive and immune support as powder, but in convenient form for immediate use anytime, anywhere

  • Helps balance beneficial intestinal microflora

  • Amount is easily adjusted depending on your horse’s specific needs and condition

  • Offers support for extended periods and during times of stress

For DigestAid Synbiotic Powder

  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics to support intestinal health

  • Provides immune and digestive support during times of stress

  • Helps maintain proper pH levels

  • Veterinarian recommended

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