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Mare Plus

Gestation and Lactation Supplement 

For Mare Plus Gestation and Lactation Supplement:

Nutrition plays an important role in the reproductive cycle and in ensuring a healthy pregnancy, especially in the last trimester and during early lactation. Farnam Mare Plus Gestation and Lactation Supplement is rich in vitamins A, D and E to help keep mares in optimal body condition during all stages of breeding.

  • Helps maintain optimal body condition of pregnant and lactating mares
  • Provides nutrients important for the health of mares and their unborn or nursing foals
  • Helps support fetal development in the last trimester and during lactation
  • Formulated with a balanced calcium/phosphorous ratio plus protein, amino acids, folic acid and vitamin E to replace the nutrients in the mare’s diet that she’s providing to her unborn foal
  • Complements your mare's normal diet!
  • Easy-to-feed PELLETS!
  • Available in 40-day and 60-day supply
  • Supplements for every age and every stage. Check out Grow Colt Growth and Developmental Supplement or Vita Plus Balanced Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

For Mare Plus Powder:

  • Keeps broodmares in optimal condition
  • Balanced vitamin-mineral concentrate with vitamins A, D and E, plus calcium, phosphorous and iodine
  • Recommended for year-round supplementation of broodmares
  • Available in 3 lb., 7 lb. and 20 lb. sizes

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