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Weight Builder

Equine Weight Supplement

Add Calories without Feeding Extra Grain

For Weight Builder Equine Weight Supplement—IMPROVED FORMULA

Sometimes less is more.  Like when your horse needs additional calories to help maintain his weight or energy for performance, feeding more grain isn't always the answer. Weight Builder Equine Weight Supplement adds easily digested calories and performance-level energy to help horses reach their ideal weight and performance demands without the risk of digestive upset associated with feeding extra grain.

  • Adds calories without the risk of digestive upset
  • 50% fat helps maintain optimal body condition
  • No sugar added for horses with dietary restrictions
  • Delivers a calming energy for performance
  • Promotes healthy skin and a glossy coat
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed meal and heat-stabilized rice bran
  • Easily digestible source of energy
  • Added calcium to help maintain calcium-phosphorous ratio
  • Ideal for performance horses, mature horses, underweight horses and seniors
  • Available in a 30-day and 90-day Supply

For Weight Builder Premium Concentrated Feed Supplement

  • Easily digested source of high-fat calories rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Provides energy for performance without digestive upset
  • Supports skin and coat condition
  • Helps maintain calcium:phosphorus ratio
  • Available in 8 lb. and 28 lb. sizes

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