More Coverage and Better Fit in Farnam's Redesigned SuperMask

May 15, 2017

More Coverage and Better Fit in Farnam's Redesigned SuperMask

Ever since SuperMask horse fly mask came on the market three decades ago, Farnam has been the leader in fly masks for horses. As of 2017, a redesign on the popular product means more coverage, better fit and protection.

Farnam SuperMask horse fly mask has always scored points with horse owners because it's durable, stays on, and offers effective protection from flies, dust and debris without obstructing vision. There's also the option of soft, mesh ears for additional protection. The redesigned SuperMask horse fly mask offers all that--and more.

"Our improved SuperMask is longer on the nose and covers up to 20 percent more of the horse's face," explains Jeanne Parker, an engineer and seamstress who worked on the redesign as manager of manufacturing technology for Farnam.

"The overall fit is now better for the horse. The improved SuperMask fits better around the ears; it fits closer to the head with less gap around the ear area," says Parker. "People with Arabs will especially appreciate the redesign, because those finer heads have been harder to fit with many masks."

The unique horse-proof Double-Latch Closure gives SuperMask horse fly mask twice the "stay-on power" of other masks. The redesign added an elastic band to the closure, allowing for more customized fitting. There's even a place to personalize the mask and write your horse's name on the tag to avoid mix-ups in stables with multiple horses. Another improvement included tucking under and sewing the trim edges so there's no unfinished edge.

Farnam SuperMask horse fly mask comes in five different sizes to fit all manner of horses, and every size went through the redesign process.

Use Farnam SuperMask horse fly mask along with Farnam fly and pest control products to give your horse a pest-free summer.