Introducing FenCare Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) 1.96 Type B Medicated Feed

August 01, 2020

Easy, safe and effective parasite control with Farnam® FenCare™ dewormer

Every horse has parasites to some degree, and sometimes they are no big deal. But when parasites become a concern, it is time to look for a targeted deworming product that is proven to control your horse’s specific problem parasites.

Farnam, your partner in horse care™, is pleased to introduce Farnam® FenCare™ Safe-Guard® (fenbendazole) 1.96% Type B medicated feed in easy-to-feed, pre-measured packets. Each single-dose FenCareTM deworming packet contains a full effective dose of fenbendazole that treats horses up to 1,250 pounds and helps control common equine parasites. FenCare™ dewormer has an apple flavor horses love and should be mixed into your horse’s regular ration for easy feeding. The pelleted formula is perfect for horses who get spooked at the sight of a syringe.

The active ingredient in FenCareTM dewormer is fenbendazole, which is proven effective in controlling four key horse parasites: Small and Large Strongyles, Pinworms, and Ascarids. The presence and levels of these parasites can be identified by your veterinarian through a simple fecal sample, making it easy to know when and how to use FenCare™ dewormer as a targeted treatment. For horses with a wider range of parasites, Farnam offers a variety of broad spectrum deworming products.

In addition to being effective against common parasites, FenCare™ dewormer is proven safe for horses including pregnant mares and stallions. The gentle mode of action of fenbendazole slowly starves the parasite with no harm to the horse, making it a smart choice for safe, effective parasite control.

FenCare™ dewormer can be found at Tractor Supply Company, or at your local retailer. To learn more about FenCare™ dewormer and the complete line of Farnam® deworming products, visit