Third Annual Farnam's No Fly Zone Sweepstakes offers $5,000 in Fly Control Products!

April 30, 2020


Warm weather doesn't have to be marked by tail swishing, head tossing and foot stomping. Make this the year you put an end to fly season woes with a pest control program that really works.

Effective control demands more than just one weapon against annoying, disease-carrying flies, mosquitoes and ticks. That's why Farnam has developed a complete arsenal of pest control products to block, repel and reduce, enabling you to protect both horse and premises by building your own powerful No Fly Zone.

The "Farnam’s No Fly Zone" Sweepstakes have been such a success, we're doing it again and even giving horse owners a choice of which products they can win. When you enter online, you'll have the opportunity to select which No Fly Zone Prize Package you prefer should you win. Ten lucky winners will be chosen by random drawing to each receive approximately $500 in Farnam pest control­­­­ products. In addition, during each week of the contest Farnam will select a winner to receive a No Fly Zone T-shirt.

The "Farnam’s No Fly Zone" Sweepstakes starts May 1, 2020, and ends June 12, 2020. There's no purchase necessary and it's easy to enter. Just go to, or

Winning the battle against flies, mosquitoes and ticks is all about attacking them on multiple levels using physical barriers, repellents and a feed-through product to break the fly life cycle, which reduces the population. Farnam has all the tools you need to build an effective No Fly Zone.

Don't wait until summer is here and fly season peaks. Get started now for best results! Learn more about effective pest control and why it's so important by clicking on Stable Talk at You'll find dozens of articles and tips on fly and insect control as well as a wide range of other topics. While you're there, sign up to receive Farnam's free monthly e-newsletter, Life with Horses, for the latest news and special offers.