Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Sealant

Seals in Essential Moisture under Dry Conditions and Keeps Moisture out During Moist, Soggy Conditions

Seal moisture in or out—whichever is needed—with Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Sealant. This quick-drying, waterproof formula is easy to use and aids in preventing cracks or the development of soft, mushy hooves in wet conditions.

  • Protects against harsh conditions
  • Aids in prevention of cracks in hot, dry conditions and the development of soft, mushy hooves in wet conditions
  • Provides a show-ring shine to hooves
  • Toluene-free

Directions for Use

Hoof wall must be clean and dry prior to application. Apply weekly, or as needed, to hoof wall. Begin approximately 1/2 inch below coronary band and continue down hoof wall. Do not use on bulbs of heel or coronary band. Allow to dry before applying additional coats if required.