Provide Immune Support with Farnam’s New Immusyn Powder

August 01, 2014

Day after day, your horse’s body wages a battle against bacteria, toxins, viruses and other unseen enemies. Stress from training, competition, travel, changes in environment and routine can also take a physical toll. Give your horse the defense he needs to help stay strong and healthy with Farnam’s NEW Immusyn Powder, an innovative supplement that provides antioxidant and immune support benefits at the cellular level.

Immusyn Powder derives its essential benefits from Glutasyn, a unique milk protein isolate developed through years of intense research. This key ingredient promotes the activity of glutathione (also known as GSH), which fights free radicals and detoxifies to support a strong immune system.

Consider a newborn foal that relies strictly on his mother’s pure milk not only for nutrition, but also for critical protection of his fragile immune system. One reason that fresh milk is so helpful is because it promotes the activity of glutathione, a naturally-occurring protein and antioxidant found in virtually every cell of the body.

Your horse is only as strong as his immune system. Immusyn Powder provides antioxidant and immune support in a palatable powder for daily use. Simply add to feed, following label recommendations and using the included scoop to ensure proper measurement. You can easily adjust the amount according to your horse’s state of health to meet his specific needs. Horses of all ages, breeds and types—including aged, sick and those horses recovering from illness—would benefit from a strong immune system.

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