Protect Your Horse’s Digestive Health with Farnam’s New DigestAid Synbiotic Powder & Paste

August 01, 2014

When everything is working as it should, your horse’s digestive system contains beneficial bacteria and microbes. These “good bugs” maintain a healthy digestive tract and help the horse get the most from his diet. They also produce energy, help support the immune system, maintain pH level, and make his gastrointestinal environment less favorable for harmful microorganisms.

Probiotics help replenish the population of beneficial bacteria needed for proper intestinal function. Prebiotics can’t be digested by the horse, but serve as food for the “good bugs,” thereby promoting their growth.

Every horse—from young foals to performance horses and senior companions—can benefit from the support offered by DigestAid Synbiotic. Whether you choose the powder or paste depends on your horse’s individual circumstances.

Both products help maintain balance for proper digestive function by supporting the beneficial bacteria necessary for intestinal health. Both offer support for the immune system and can be used alone or with additional therapies. They provide support for growth and development in young horses, and aid continued microbial growth in the newborn foal’s digestive system.

Both paste and powder adhere to National Animal Supplement Council guidelines and are helpful for horses of all ages and conditions. They can be given daily or during times of stress.

Farnam has made it easier to support your horse’s digestive health with this powerful blend of beneficial prebiotics and probiotics. DigestAid Synbiotic Powder can be part of your horse’s daily maintenance program. It’s ideal for regular use to help balance beneficial intestinal microflora, maintain proper pH levels, and provide added immune and digestive protection during times of stress. The tasty powder is easily added to his daily grain.

DigestAid Synbiotic Paste is perfect for those times when your horse is “off feed” or for horses that don’t receive grain. Because you give the paste directly into his mouth via the handy syringe, you know your horse immediately receives the entire amount.

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